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Super Duplex (2507 SS) Fasteners for Building & Construction

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Super Duplex (2507 SS) is 100% corrosion resistant* in saltwater (has a minimum PREN value of 41) and can withstand even the harshest environments! See the table below or click the following link to read more about PREN Values.

Super Duplex (2507 SS)

  • Can be specified for sea water piling applications in H6 timber
  • High strength (800-1000 MPa tensile strength)
  • Extreme corrosion resistance and has a min PREN value of 41, far higher than 316 SS
  • Ideal for coastal construction such as piers, sea walls and pilings/footings
  • Other Super Duplex (2507 SS) items can be made to order

Fasteners available in Super Duplex (2507 SS)

Threaded Rods & Studs, Washers; Square, Round, Spring, Nuts; Hex, Nyloc, Dome
• Setscrews & Bolts and Capscrews (contact us for enquiries)

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To maintain 100% corrosion resistance to saltwater, please follow the below guidelines when working/handling Super Duplex (2507 SS)

  • Only use tools that have been exclusively used on SS material to avoid cross contamination of carbon steel onto Super Duplex (2507 SS)
  • If Super Duplex (2507 SS) fasteners are worked with high temperature processes such as welding, annealing or cutting with cutting discs, use a pickle/passivating paste on the affected area to reduce the corrosion caused by heating

PREN Values

Pren Table

NB: The information above is provided as a guide only and Anzor does not accept liability for the application of this information.
For advice about stainless steel contact the Nickel Institute.

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