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Stainless Meshnet

Meshnet is constructed in 316 Stainless wire, closed crimps, open (loose) ferrules and eyelets in a range of aperture sizes and perimeter designs. It is constructed by laying the wires side by side at a predetermined spacing and then adjacent wires are joined in an alternating pattern with a 316 Stainless crimp.

Meshnet can be produced in very large panel sizes, e.g. 20m x 50m. The smallest aperture size available is 25mm x 25mm point ot point using 1.5mm wire and 30mm x 30mm point to point using 2.0mm wire. The angle of the aperture is 60 degrees.

Some of the uses for Meshnet includes:

  • Balustrades. The max aperture size as per the BRANZ barrier design guide is 50mm x 50mm point to point or 35mm x 35mm flat to flat.
  • Anti Throw Screen. Some customers use an aperture size 80mm x 80mm point to point.
  • Green Screens or Foliage walls. Some customers use an aperture size of 300mm x 300mm point to point.

The key variables apart from panel size are;

  1. Wire diameter.
  2. Aperture size.
  3. Vertical or Horizontal Apertures
  4. Perimeter Design. 10 = no ferrules or eyelets, 18 = Loose ferrules, 22 = Eyelets.

The Aperture size should be calculated as an even module of the opening the Meshnet panel is to be installed into. The Tensioning gap will typically be half and Aperture all the way around the Meshnet panel.

Anzor stainless steel wire Meshnet is made to your design and imported with a 4 week lead time. Please download the design enquiry forms and contact our team to price your project.


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